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DJ Lyris

DJ Lyris

DJ Lyris aka The Hybrid Specialist is a disc jockey hailing from Nashville, TN now residing in Atlanta, GA. Lyris's name is derived from the word "lyric", meaning words of a song. Lyris gravitated to music immediately as a child, influenced by her father's passion for music. At the age of nine years old, Lyris began collecting her own music collection discovering and developing her connection with music. In 2010, DJ Lyris linked up with several local DJ's in Atlanta to hone her skills in mixing, blending and beat matching. In 2016, DJ Lyris graduated from Scratch Academy with a Certification in DJ'ing.

Now DJ Lyris is known fro mixing genres to create unexpected audio experiences unlike anything you've heard before, by mixing an array of music genres together, such as hip-hop, r&b, pop, reggae, trap, electronic, house and rock. DJ Lyris rocks all types of parties from young to old. Currently, Lyris djs for "AMP'D Entertainment", a creative dj company based out of Atlanta, that specializes in creative dj mixing experiences. Lyris is also a music curator for the musicto Label; and a Roland DJ Ambassador/Trainer.

Additionally, DJ Lyris is an educator and instructor in the music industry. Offering dj lessons for all ages; any other dj services needed. DJ Lyris has a passion of sharing and teaching anyone who wants to learn more about dj'in.

DJ Lyris's music is mood changing and mind bending, unconfined to any box. Evoking a warmth that is at the same time soulful and nostalgic. DJ Lyris's signature hybrid mashups give listeners permission to let go, get present and give themselves over to the unknown- if only for a moment.


October 4, 2021