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Bianca Romero

Bianca is a New York City-based mixed media artist, muralist, and Creative Director. She’s known forher colorful murals and paintings made of hand-cut collaged street posters, spray paint, and acrylic.Bianca has collaborated with leading brands such as Maker's Mark, for a city-wide mural campaign, andhas also done work for The William Vale Hotel, Rag & Bone retail store, Courvoisier, Food Network,Bunsmith Restaurant & Bar, Hornitos Tequila, Northcoast Music Festival (Chicago), and more. Herartwork has been featured in TimeOutNY, NBCNews, Medium, along with other features.Romero’s artistic style is a direct reection of her multi-cultural upbringing being half South Korean andSpanish growing up in NYC and also CT. As a rst-generation American, the clash of cultures fromthese two very different worlds signicantly impacted her worldviews. As a visual artist, heavilyinuenced by New York City’s diversity, its energy, and its vibrant and gritty grati art scene, her art is avisual interpretation of people's collective experiences. She uses mixed media collage as a visualmetaphor for exploring personal identity and the collective pieces that makes us unique, allowing herthe creative outlet to explore the human experience through her artwork.With a background in brand marketing and event production, and experience working at ExperientialCreative Agencies for major brands, Bianca strives to merge her agency experience with her creativeside and artistic abilities. Bianca offers an eclectic range of skill-sets from painting, creativeproduction, brand marketing, event production, art direction, to art curation.

IG: @biancadoesnyc

Inquires: bianca@biancaromero.com